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Filmmaker: Dennis O'Rourke
VHS - $ 350.00
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When tourists journey to the furthermost reaches of the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea, is it the indigenous tribespeople or the white visitors who are the cultural oddity? This film expolores the difference (and the surprising similarities) that emerge when "civilized" and "primitive" people meet. With dry humor and acute observation Cannibal Tours explodes cultural assumptions as it provides a pointed look at a fabulous phenomenon.

Cannibal Tours reveals its charm little by little. The two tribes eloquently tell their own stories, and imagery becomes increasingly important: bikinis among the crocodiles, a Pepsi-Cola T-shirt among the shuffling tribal dancers. And throughout there is comedy -- a tribal elder recalls: "When the first Europeans arrived, the people cried out, 'Our dead ancestors have returned!' So now when we see tourists we say about them, 'The dead have come back!'?We don't seriously believe it, but we do say it."

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Running time: 72 min, Year released: 1987
Close captioned?: N, Color?: Y
Avail. formats: 16mm,VHS
ISBN: 1-55974-096-5
Language: English, Subtitled?: N
For classroom?: Y, Study Guide?: N
Grade level: 7th and up


"A masterwork."
--John Hinde, ABC Radio

"A small masterpiece."
--Financial Review

Other Credits:

Photography: Dennis O`Rourke
Film Editing: Tim Litchfield
Associate Producers: Laurence J. Henderson & Chris Owen
Music: W.A. Mozart
Producer/Director: Dennis O`Rourke
Produced in association with The Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies
Produced in association with Channel 4
This title can also be found in: Australasian Culture, Cultural Studies, History, Nature, O'Rourke, Dennis -- Films By, Racial Issues, Religion, Southern Pacific, Tourism, Travel, Wilderness

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