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Filmmaker: Mitchell Block
VHS - $ 95.00
Price listed includes Public Performance License
The power of ?no lies in communicating the feelings of a rape victim has had proven results. The film unfolds as a conversation between a male interviewer and a young woman who has recently been assaulted. The interviewer's probing questions strip away the woman's defenses, offereing the audience an intimate view of the trauma sufferend by rape victims. No film to date has been able to match the emotional force generated by no lies.

For professional programs (such as nursing, medicine, psychology, and law enforcement), no lies provokes pointed discussion of the types of attitude a rape victim encounters when she seeks professional help. By identifying the victim's point of view, the film helps professionals be more understanding. For groups concerned with rape, no lies provides an invaluable means of comparing one woman's problems to those of others. Society's attitude toward rape is also examined and called into question.

Running time: 16 min, Year released: 1972
Close captioned?: N, Color?: Y
Avail. formats: 16mm,VHS
ISBN: 1-55974-253-4
Language: English, Subtitled?: N
For classroom?: Y, Study Guide?: N
Grade level: 10th and up


"It is a searingly real experience as she tells and relives it."
--Archer Winsten, New York Post

"For therapists working with women who have been victims of sexual assault, I suggest that one good way to move into a new place of understanding for them is to view " lies."
--Jean MackKellar, author (Rape: The Bail and the Trap and Patterns in Forcible Rape) as quoted in The Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy

"It tears you up. It is devastating."
--Cecil Smith, Los Angeles Times

"One of the most extraordinary films we've seen."
--Media and Methods
Emmy Award, Best Community Service Program
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